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MondoSole Eating Disorders (ED)


Association and Centre specializing in the treatment and recovery of people with eating disorders (ED)

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MondoSole is a Centre for Treatment, Rehabilitation, and Social Reintegration where people with eating disorders (anorexia, bulimia, binge eating, ED) find not only specific treatment for their pathologies, but also a place where they can spend some time during the day away from their symptomatic rituals, family and social tensions, a center where they can meet other people who share the same symptoms, and where they can be socially and emotionally re-integrated.

MondoSole is an open center, not a residential center or a hospital, and people from all over Italy can come here.

The MondoSole Centre is a space designed for people to have a break from a difficult moment of their lives, where they can understand and heal the illness they are suffering from; a place where thy can reorganize their lives, sharing this healing process with a group of people suffering from the same illnesses.

A place where the concept of healing is not limited ‘only’ to stopping binge eating, vomiting, or fasting, but also offers the possibility of understanding and overcoming the inner suffering that these symptoms try to anesthetize, building a path of personal growth that takes into account their sufferings and the place it originated from.

It is a center run by ChiaraSole Ciavatta, Dr. Fiorella Nikolla , and clinical staff, in which the severity of the symptom is also taken care of every day, from the encounter with food (through shared meals), to the relationship with the body, family, work, sexuality, i.e. all those spheres of life that are inevitably affected by these pathologies.

It is a center where family members (parents, spouses, and partners) of people who turn to MondoSole are also always welcome, to mediate and advise to rebuild relationships torn apart by years of illness.

From this spirit of sharing, a series of flats managed by MondoSole members and supervised by the clinical team have sprung up spontaneously over time.

What is done at MondoSole center is naturally inserted into everyday reality, tightly intertwined with the common desire to take back one’s own life, to rebuild a healthy relationship with reality, with one’s own body, identity, emotions and affections.

From 2004 to the present day, the MondoSole Association has been engaged in an intense activity to prevent eating symptoms, at national and local level, through:

  • National prevention campaigns via TV and social networks.
  • YouTube channel providing information on eating symptoms.
  • Radio broadcast on eating symptoms.
  • Counseling for Therapeutic Communities and Public and Private Hospitals.
  • Presence on all social networks with articles, prevention and awareness campaigns and testimonials.
  • MondoSole is twinned with Maria Rita Parsi’s Children’s Movement Foundation.
  • Volunteering has always been a cornerstone of the association.

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Click to download Chiara’s autobiographical book written in 2002 in english version CHIARASOLE ANOREXIA AND BULIMIA AN EXPERIENCE OF LIFE AND DEATH. FOREWORD BY GIANNA SCHELOTTO.

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MondoSole telephone number: +39 328 0823574 (Add MondoSole to your WhatsApp contacts).

For anything write to Dr. Fiorella Nikolla fiorellanikolla@gmail.com or ChiaraSole Ciavatta chiarasole1@gmail.com

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All links: linktr.ee/chiarasolems

The MondoSole Center is located in the historic center of Rimini.

Address: Via Sigismondo Pandolfo Malatesta, 38 – 47921 Rimini, Emilia Romagna, Italy

The Center is located on the first floor.

A little part of the MondoSole Center:

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