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    Honesty Industries Limited is a factory, which producing pva sponge roller about 10 years.
    Honesty pva roller usually use for swimming pool robot cleaner and PCB industry cleaning and glass cleaning.We also produce pva chamois towel, tennis court dryer water remover and dog cool coat.
    Our company approved by the State Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation and the State Administration for Industry and Commerce of China,and have import-export operations right in China.
    We have advanced equipments and professional skilled Chinese workers,our products including: pva roller,pva cool towel,pva chamois,pva sponges,tennis court water remover,court dryer,tennis court rain shuttle and so on. 80% are export to European and US market also Southeast Asia market.and 20% sell to China mainland market.
    Our pva sponge roller for swimming pool robot cleaner quality is the best in China, materials we buy from Taiwan. our robot cleaner replacement pva roller features are :
    * Anti-mould under damp& harsh conditions ,with uvioresistant&anti-chlorine salt resistance,keep products from fading and being damaged
    * Can better clean the sand grains,perspiration,algae and moss in the swimming pool
    * Matching the pool automatic cleaning machine,can clean the dirt and scale from scrubbing of the bottom and the pool wall.
    We can OEM customer鈥檚 roller size.
    Why Choose Honesty Industries Limited:
    1. CN Price ,skilled Chinese workers providing competitive price.
    2. US Quality, provide international standard quality goods only.
    3. Small order and soon delivery.Dog Cool Towel suppliers

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